Metabolic Resuscitation in Sepsis

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Friday, September 9 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

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Location: 214AB

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Title: Metabolic Resuscitation in Sepsis


A few clinical studies have found that hydrocortisone combined with ascorbic acid and thiamine significantly reduced mortality and improved organ dysfunction in human septic patients. This combination treatment is frequently called metabolic resuscitation therapy. Theoretically, supplementing ascorbic acid, thiamine, and corticosteroids with or without other micronutrients may improve mitochondrial activity and the outcome by decreasing the release of inflammatory substances, restoring organ perfusion, and improving the response to vasopressors, thus preventing the development of organ dysfunction in septic patients. However, in recently published prospective randomized clinical studies and meta-analyses on human patients with sepsis or septic shock, metabolic resuscitation resulted in conflicting outcomes. In this session, I will discuss the concept of metabolic resuscitation in sepsis and some key literature in human medicine.

Type: Live Streamed Lecture